Help for Disaster Survivors

We may be able to help you in the recovery process or direct you to resources

Contact us at to obtain information on how we may be able to help. We want to put the people back in the position they were before the disaster.

We can help survivors understand the process to get FEMA help, how to use insurance money well, how to negotiate with contractors (spotting fraudlent offers of help), and we can help locate other types of assistance in rebuilding. We bring the community to you in your time of recovery.

There are four phases in a disaster:

1) Preparedness
2) Response (the chainsaws, the muck out, getting to safety, etc.)
3) Recovery (long term rebuilding)
4) Mitigation

The Cumberland Disaster Recovery Coalition was formed to assist
people in the Recovery Phase.

Our goal is to assist people to:

  • Repair
  • Re-build
  • Restore
  • Re-adjust
  • Adapt to the “new normal”


If you are interested in specific resources available to disaster survivors please call 211. This is a resource number operated by United Way to help individuals find the specific support they need during a difficult time. Or visit them online at