Program Director

Office Administrator

Disaster Case Manager

  • Lupita Trevino, DCM@cdrcnc.org


  • Marvin “Ed” Norris, retired from Cumberland County Mental Health where he was the Chief Financial Officer. Prior to that he worked at Western Medical Group as CFO. He also worked for 20 years at the Cumberland County Workforce Development Center. Board@CDRCNC.org


  • Barbara Brooks, retired from state & county agencies in 2004.  Served as Interim Director, Hoke County DSS, from 2005 to 2008.


  • Diane Chandler – Fayetteville, married to PG Chandler, who is the owner of PG’s Cars Inc. She was born in Raeford, NC and has lived in Fayetteville since 1990. She worked in the Accounting Department at Unilever for 28 years and retired in 2008. Since then she has worked at Fayetteville Community Church, as the bookkeeper. She and her husband are very involved at FCC. He sings in the choir and she volunteers in the Media Department. She helps with the Women’s Ministry in preparing presentations, works in the sound booth with the adult choir, and both volunteer at the annual Fall Festival. She has found that CDRC is an excellent way to get to know people in the community and be able to give back to others. Board@CDRCNC.org


  • Laura Lupton, Presbytery of Coastal Carolina. Rev. Lupton has been involved with CDRC since its inception in 2011.

Other Board Members:

  • Al Foote, Medicaid Transportation & Disaster Coordination Adult Services at Cumberland County Dept of Social Services
  • Antonio Carr, Ranks2Riches
  • Brenda Jackson, Director, Cumberland County Dept. of Social Services (DSS)

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